Fahrudin Makhmudov’s defense for the process transparency

The previous Saturday, October 1st 2011, journalist Julia Latinina called the public in her program “Access code” to follow the case on the “Passage” very attentively (see the informational reference on the case below) and addressed the relatives of the killed people to create an internet site to increase transparency of the investigation and legal process results.

I should remember about falsification facts in this case which were stated several times by operatives of different force organizations. The Komi republic legislation bodies actions arouse just distrust. In this context I sincerely support Julia Latinina’s public initiative. The defense is ready to submit on this site documents which will allow to all those in doubt to be assured of the Makhmudov brothers having nothing to do with the arson. To study the matter and all the circumstances of the current case properly, and to secure objective conclusions I call on the rights protection organizations to join the initiative.