Who can call judges on Sundays?

Yesterday, the court meeting preparation on Fahrudin Makhmudov’s statement of claim to Julia Latinina about honor and virtue protection, which was to be held by the judge with the parties concerned participating, was postponed till October 17th, 2011 because Julia Latinina didn’t come to the hearing.

Instead of the journalist a certain Titov Jury Alexandrovich came to the court, apologized before the judge for the accountant’s not coming, received the letter of summoning for October 17th and promised to give it to Julia Leonidovna.

On the eve, on the 10th of October 2011, in the “Daily Journal” Latinina shared her suspicions with the readers, that Makhmudov’s defense is allegedly trying to conceal from her the fact that the legal process existed. I beg your pardon! Letters of summons to the parties concerned are sent by the court. It might be because of the court workers being overloaded that the letter of summons couldn’t reach the accountant.

I was impressed by another detail, which Latinina mentioned. I quote: “On October 9th (on Sunday) “Moscow’s Echo” head Alexei Venedictov called through to the Presnensky court. The judge informed him that she didn’t remember if she had such a statement of claim or not, but would of course postpone the hearing for a month because neither Julia Latinina, nor “Moscow’s Echo” received such a statement of claim”.

Everyone who confronted the Russian legislature knows that it is impossible to call through to the court even during the working days, not mentioning the weekend, which is practically impossible (I offer to try it 8 499-766-70-84 is a telephone number given on the judge Sadovaya study door), and on Sunday, directly to the judge, as Latinina mentioned, in my opinion it is a fantastic luck. It is practically impossible for us, common citizens of Russia. This luxury even more impossible for such people as Fahrudin Makhmudov, who being imprisoned, has to protect his honor and virtue from Latinina’s offenses in the Russian jail. But “Moscow’s Echo” from Latinina’s words possess such resources.

I think “Moscow’s Echo” head instead of using “telephone right” has to teach his subordinates how to work properly. I am positive that if Latinina had studied the case materials more properly, she would have been more careful in her statements. However the journalist even rattles her arms because of her report of the “Passage” case, without performing her own investigation and getting acquainted with the main document massive.

But still we can hope that now, after “calling” the judge, the next Sunday, Latinina at last could believe the statement of claim reality and finishes ignoring the court meetings.