We are waiting for Latinina in court

What can happen if Latinina continues to ignore the court? According to Article 167 the Civil Proceedings code, the court is entitled to consider the case by default if one of the parties concerned, which was notified in due order before, is absent without duly notifying the court, or if the court finds the reasons of absence lame.

Who can call judges on Sundays?

Yesterday, the court meeting preparation on Fahrudin Makhmudov’s statement of claim to Julia Latinina about honor and virtue protection, which was to be held by the judge with the parties concerned participating, was postponed till October 17th, 2011 because Julia Latinina didn’t come to the hearing.

Fahrudin Makhmudov’s defense for the process transparency

The previous Saturday, October 1st 2011, journalist Julia Latinina called the public in her program “Access code” to follow the case on the “Passage” very attentively (see the informational reference on the case below) and addressed the relatives of the killed people to create an internet site to increase transparency of the investigation and legal process results.