Konstantin Rybalov - lawyer, PhD, member of the Chamber of Advocates of Moscow. Work experience as a lawyer since 1999. In 2005 - 2011 years partner of the Bar Association of Moscow "Barschevsky and partners." Since 2011, the managing partner of the Swiss law firm «J & S Legal Counsels & Trustees».

Konstantin Rybalov specializes in criminal proceedings, including litigation at the trial by jury. Provides legal assistance in the resolution of property disputes, divorce proceedings is complex.

Actively cooperates with lawyers UK, Switzerland, Cyprus, in the provision of legal assistance related to tax law, the acquisition of real estate abroad, obtain a residence permit, citizenship, and political asylum.

He has published articles in the field of law in Russian periodicals. Author of the book "The special order of the trial in the Russian Federation and the problems of its implementation."


"It seems it was a Frenchman!"

Any adult and well-to-do man once begins to think about a follower. Thus a dream of a son arises, a dream of an heir, who could accept experience gained by previous generations and wisely run family wealth. In this attorney story, based on a real case from my legal practice, search of such an heir proved to be a full detective story. The names of the main characters are surely changed.

Love and insidiousness

German poet – romanticist Friedrich Shiller has a classic drama with the pathetic name of “Love and insidiousness”. As it often happens it became the basis for plenty of parodies. Let’s say Zoschenko has a series of humorous short plays, where Shiller’s original name is put vise versa. But now and then life creates stories which eclipse any fame of imagination. And my attorney’s experience has one occasion which can serve basis for a play not worse than the Shiller’s one.

A case about embryo

Once, a client of mine addressed me. He was an imposing man of oriental origin, a foreign businessman, frequently and long living in Moscow. His name was Ahmed Ahmed. He had rather an unusual problem.


Fahrudin Makhmudov’s defense for the process transparency

The previous Saturday, October 1st 2011, journalist Julia Latinina called the public in her program “Access code” to follow the case on the “Passage” very attentively (see the informational reference on the case below) and addressed the relatives of the killed people to create an internet site to increase transparency of the investigation and legal process results.